Brad Edwards - Lead Pastor

Interests: When not trying to invite everyone I know over for good food and drink, I'm probably skiing, exercising our insane dog ("Scout"), catching up on Game of Thrones, learning a new way to brew coffee or working my side gig on staff at the Great American Beer Festival

Having grown up as a self-described "agnostic theist" who hadn't encountered an intelligent or loving expression of the Christian faith until the second half of my college career, my singular passion in life is to help others see how the Christian faith is both intellectually credible and existentially satisfying. It may sound silly, but the Christian faith was so foreign to me that I remember walking past a nativity scene in my neighborhood when I was in middle school, thinking, "Wow. Why are those statues all dressed in middle eastern desert clothing in the middle of December?" When I was older, I became vigorously opposed to the faith based on the hypocrisy (totally blind to my own, of course) and anti-intellectualism I saw played out in school, on TV and in lives of the handful the very few Christians I knew. It wasn't until I went through an identity crisis that I started feeling the need for things like grace, mercy, forgiveness and purpose. It took a year of depression and having my heart systematically dismantled for me to see just how intellectually credible and existentially satisfying the Gospel truly is.

Since then, my wife (Hannah) and I have had the incredible opportunity to live out several dreams: we got to start a new church from scratch with our best friends, host hundreds of people in our home, start an award-winning arts non-profit community, serve as both a pastor and Army Chaplain, and personally experience the catalyst for love and grace that the church can be.

Colin Stell - Worship Director

I am a firm believer that the songs we sing to/about God are a beautiful medley that both glorifies Him and nourishes our souls. I love the local church and serve by leading people in songs that proclaim the greatness of God and who we are in light of His love for us. We remember songs, and songs shape us, helping all of us Know God, Love People and Cultivate Beauty in our various local communities.

In 2015, I married my beautiful wife, Megan, and we are the parents of two amazing boys: Jameson and Grayson. Our story is one beautifully long story of God’s healing love and grace (which we're always open to sharing).  I'm also a Creative Producer for a design agency in Boulder and love working in the creative realm, whether it’s through music or in the tech industry.

Interests: I love spending time with my wife and kids and being a family man. When I’m not studying theology or playing music , I’m enjoying my love of craft beer (Great Divide Brewing, especially), cigars, vinyl records, Chicago Blackhawks Hockey, and The Walking Dead.    

Bret & Lianne Daugherty - Children's Ministry Directors

Both of us grew up in Omaha, NE and in college, we both pursued the intellectual side of the Christian faith: Bret through theological and philosophical study in community, international missions, and good friends seeking Jesus together. Lianne through mentors and absorbing every C.S. Lewis book within reach. Through that exploration, each of us found significant depth and meaning in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. 

We've since moved to Colorado, got married, found a home at The Well and served in the children’s ministry there before joining The Table. We’ve also both been involved in various kids and youth camps over the years, and have a real passion for kids of all ages to grow in their understanding of God’s grace (they teach us quite a bit about it too!).

Interests: You can find Bret fly fishing or flying planes (he’s training to be a commercial pilot), Lianne rock climbing or saving the West from drought (she’s an engineer). You can find both of us in the kitchen, drinking good bourbon and/or enjoying a long talk.

Chris Wu - Administrator 

I grew up attending church and claimed to be a Christian all throughout my high school years, but looking back, I had a very legalistic view of the gospel. In college, I started to see how the gospel was actually good news because of a Christian mentor and boss who sought me out in a really hard time in my life. By asking me hard questions and challenging me to process through much of what I believed, I developed a deeper understanding of the grace God had specifically for me. My mentor's pursuit and desire to disciple me reflected God's faithfulness to me and motivated me to serve others in a similar way.

I quickly became involved with The Austin Stone Community Church and attended regularly for 8 years, serving in various capacities – the children’s ministry, welcome team, as a Missional Community leader, and most recently as a Missional Community Coach. I most enjoyed building environments where people could connect and grow into spiritual leaders.

Creating order out of chaos and understanding business structures has always been a passion of mine. I am studying to get my Masters in Business Administration at CU Boulder and hope to use my analytical and communication skills to create a flourishing environment at The Table. 

Interests:  In my free time, you will find me either traveling almost excessively or participating in an outdoor activity – hiking, camping, skiing, swimming, or fishing. You will also quickly discover that I love my dog Shelby, and I enjoy sharing God’s beauty in nature with people through photography. 

Volunteer Staff

Daniel Frampton - Pastoral Intern

After growing up in a cult and then leaving it with my family as a young teenager (ask me sometime), I became a Christian through the care of a local church that really "got" grace. At every point in my growth as a Christian, God has used the church to care for and shape me, and invite me to extend that same grace to others as best I can. Since then I've wanted to be at the forefront of where I see God working out His love in the world - the Church (especially starting one from scratch). In the midst of all our pain and frustration we gather as a community to be reminded that we have a God who loves and redeems brokenness rather than allowing it to define us. Having not known that kind of unconditional love until high school, I've a deep appreciation for what it means to be shaped and sent by the good news of Jesus' life, death, resurrection, and living kingdom.

My wife Jamie and I share that passion and are excited to see and help that happen at The Table. I'm a "Pastoral Intern" because Brad said I could call myself whatever I want and that's all I could think of, and also because I'm still in in the process of figuring our how God wants to use me for the Church while also working full-time, helping raise our four kids, and finishing my degree at Denver Seminary.

Interests: I'm a proud nerd and would love to shoot the breeze about video games, fiction, or board games (the more obscure the better) - let me know if you're up for a game or two! We also love hiking, but our children don't (yet).