Brad Edwards - Lead Pastor


Interests: When not trying to invite everyone I know over for good food and drink, I'm probably skiing, not exercising our insane dog ("Scout"), catching up on Game of Thrones, trying a new bourbon or rye whiskey, or working my side gig on staff at the Great American Beer Festival

It may sound silly, but Christianity was so foreign to me that I remember walking past a nativity scene in my neighborhood when I was in middle school, thinking, "Wow. Why are those statues all dressed in desert clothing in the middle of December?" When I was a little older, I actively opposed the faith based on the hypocrisy (totally blind to my own, of course) and anti-intellectualism I saw played out in school, on TV and in lives of the very few Christians I knew. It wasn't until I went through an identity crisis late in college that I started feeling the need for things like grace, mercy, forgiveness, and purpose. After a year of depression and having my heart systematically dismantled for me, I began to see just how intellectually credible and existentially satisfying the Gospel truly is.

Since then, my wife (Hannah) and I have had the incredible opportunity to live out several dreams: we have a son (Ransom), we got to start a new church from scratch with our best friends (twice now: in both St. Louis, MO and Lafayette, CO!), host hundreds of people in our home, start an award-winning arts non-profit community, serve as both a pastor and Army Chaplain, and personally experience the catalyst for love and grace that the church can be.

Bret & Lianne Daugherty - Childrens Ministry Directors


Both of us grew up in Omaha, NE and in college, we both pursued the intellectual side of the Christian faith: Bret through theological and philosophical study in community, international missions, and good friends seeking Jesus together. Lianne through mentors and absorbing every C.S. Lewis book within reach. Through that exploration, each of us found significant depth and meaning in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. 

We've since moved to Colorado, got married, found a home at The Well and served in the children’s ministry there before joining The Table. We’ve also both been involved in various kids and youth camps over the years, and have a real passion for kids of all ages to grow in their understanding of God’s grace (they teach us quite a bit about it too!).

Interests: You can find Bret fly fishing or flying planes (he’s training to be a commercial pilot), Lianne rock climbing or saving the West from drought (she’s an engineer). You can find both of us in the kitchen, drinking good bourbon and/or enjoying a long talk.



Adam Argo - Community Group Coordinator

  Adoption finalization of my son in 2017.

Adoption finalization of my son in 2017.

I became a Christian when I was 8 years old, and don’t remember a time before seeing and hearing the Gospel. My parents taught me to value all people and to love family. In my adult life I’ve been drawn to a deeper understanding of Christianity, which has led me to recognize injustice and pain in the world but also the joy I celebrated as a young man. That all sounds fancy, but on most days life with Jesus is more about knowing how emphatically loved I am by him, which frees me to love other people.

And my wife Meredith and I just keeping adding people to that party. We grew up in Arkansas, met in the 6th grade, and got married in college. We brought my daughter home in 2013 while we lived in Kentucky starting a coffee company. We jumped at the chance to move to Colorado in 2015, where I got an accounting job at a tech company in Boulder, and brought my son home in 2016.

We didn't expect to get involved in church planting, but I've always wanted to. For thousands of years, an institution that has every reason on the planet to no longer exist is still going, communities are thriving, and humans are flourishing. My part in that at the Table as Community Group Coordinator is getting to work with Community Group leaders on vision and tactical stuff as they launch new groups, host people in their homes and throw parties. I like parties.

Interests: Sending Gifs, Smoking Brisket, Watching Movies, Black Twitter, Live Music, Bartending in My Home, Finding Affordable Airfare, and iOS Games



Justin Chappell - Church Planting Resident

Justin Chappell.JPG

I grew up in the rural Midwest, where everyone seemed to be a Christian and church on Sunday was a normal rhythm of life. I heard all the Bible stories and learned all the Christian words, but it wasn’t until later in life that I began to discover that these seemingly simplistic stories had the ability to deconstruct and reorder my own complex story. The more I explored and pressed into the Biblical story, the more I experienced God’s love and delight telling a different, and better, story than the one I tell about myself; and the more I discovered that words like grace, adoption, and redemption had something to say to the doubt, shame, and loss in my own story. Because I’ve grown up in and around the local church, I’m not a stranger to the imperfection and selfishness often found within it. These experiences have instilled in me a passion for the church to tell, and live out, the stories of God’s love, hospitality, and delight – not merely for some personal benefit, but for the flourishing of all people and things.

Before making Longmont home, I spent some time in Chicago, married my high school sweetheart (Caitlyn) in St. Louis, and enjoyed a few years in south Florida. Along the way, I’ve helped a young church get established and helped revitalize an established church. Professionally, Caitlyn enjoys helping women move towards wholeness through specialized healthcare. Together we love throwing parties and being competitive (board games, especially).

Interests: I ran a marathon once, but you probably know that if we’ve ever met; remodeling our house/watching lots of YouTube videos about remodeling a house; pretending I’m a TV show critic to justify watching lots of (good!) TV; and NBA Twitter