Brad Edwards - Lead Pastor


Interests: When not trying to invite everyone I know over for good food and drink, I'm probably skiing, not exercising our insane dog ("Scout"), catching up on Game of Thrones, trying a new bourbon or rye whiskey, or working my side gig on staff at the Great American Beer Festival

It may sound silly, but Christianity was so foreign to me that I remember walking past a nativity scene in my neighborhood when I was in middle school, thinking, "Wow. Why are those statues all dressed in desert clothing in the middle of December?" When I was a little older, I actively opposed the faith based on the hypocrisy (totally blind to my own, of course) and anti-intellectualism I saw played out in school, on TV and in lives of the very few Christians I knew. It wasn't until I went through an identity crisis late in college that I started feeling the need for things like grace, mercy, forgiveness, and purpose. After a year of depression and having my heart systematically dismantled for me, I began to see just how intellectually credible and existentially satisfying the Gospel truly is.

Since then, my wife (Hannah) and I have had the incredible opportunity to live out several dreams: we have a son (Ransom), we got to start a new church from scratch with our best friends (twice now: in both St. Louis, MO and Lafayette, CO!), host hundreds of people in our home, start an award-winning arts non-profit community, serve as both a pastor and Army Chaplain, and personally experience the catalyst for love and grace that the church can be.

Dana Taylor - Neighborhoods Coordinator

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Growing up in Texas, I was no stranger to church but I kept Jesus to Sundays. That continued well into my twenties; in fact, He didn't even get Sundays for many years. A pivotal small group experience brought me back to church and my faith, and for the first time, I truly understood grace and redemption. Small groups - or Cohorts at the Table - are a big part of my story, and I'm excited that I get to help people connect into them. 

As my parents joke, I can't live anywhere more than two years. I bounced around cities before meeting my husband Alex, getting married and making our home in Colorado. We love our community in Louisville and at the Table, and coming up on 3 years, I hope it's many more. 

Interests: Strategy & Operations (it's my day job), Toddler Wrangling, Traveling (especially if I need my passport), Hiking, Queso & all things Tex Mex and Elderflower Liqueur.

Danny Rankin - Music Director


I grew up around the church and started playing music at age 5, so despite my various wanderings to and from faith, it doesn’t surprise me that God has always kept me anchored to Himself through music. From playing in garage bands to touring internationally in military bands, hindsight reveals how faithfully God has grown and restored me spiritually. I love seeing the ways God encourages and binds his church together through music, so having the privilege to play a part in that each week is a true blessing. 

Outside of music, my wife René and I have two sons (Royal and Roman), and I work as instructor at CU Boulder, teaching design and fabrication in the ATLAS Institute.

Interests: Sustainable agriculture (amateur farmer), game design (I made this), beards, beer, coffee, pizza, art, vinyl, old phones and woodworking..

Justin Chappell - Church Planting Resident

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I grew up in the Midwest, where everyone seemed to be a Christian and church on Sunday was a normal rhythm of life. I heard all the Bible stories and learned all the Christian words, but it wasn’t until later in life that I began to discover that these seemingly simplistic stories had the ability to deconstruct and reorder my own complex story. The more I explored and pressed into the Biblical story, the more I experienced God’s love and delight telling a different, and better, story than the one I tell about myself; and the more I discovered that words like grace, adoption, and redemption had something to say to the doubt, shame, and loss in my own story. Because I’ve grown up in and around the local church, I’m not a stranger to the imperfection and selfishness often found within it. These experiences have instilled in me a passion for the church to tell, and live out, the stories of God’s love, hospitality, and delight – not merely for some personal benefit, but for the flourishing of all people and things.

Before making Longmont home, I spent some time in Chicago, married my high school sweetheart (Caitlyn) in St. Louis, and enjoyed a few years in south Florida. Along the way, I’ve helped a young church get established and helped revitalize an established church. Professionally, Caitlyn enjoys helping women move towards wholeness through specialized healthcare. Together we love throwing parties and being competitive (board games, especially).

Interests: I ran a marathon once, but you probably know that if we’ve ever met; remodeling our house/watching lots of YouTube videos about remodeling a house; pretending I’m a TV show critic to justify watching lots of (good!) TV; and NBA Twitter