Summer of Psalms :: Book 2

“A People of Peace” - Psalm 46 (June 9, 2019) [Audio Unavailable]

Ephesians :: Grace and Peace

Unbelievable Resurrection: Easter 2019

Exodus: The God Who Makes Himself Known

Mothers of Jesus

Matthew was, at the very beginning of his Gospel, subverting our expectations of what kind of King this Jesus is going to be: His throne is a cradle, His heralds are shepherds, His palace is a manger, His parents are homeless and poor, His court is a menagerie of livestock… and His royal lineage includes a rape victim (Bathsheba), an abandoned widow (Tamar), a prostitute (Rahab), a widowed immigrant (Ruth), and a virgin (Mary). Each of these women have a powerful story that represents our longings for this very different kind of King and shapes our anticipation of how His Kingship will satisfy those longings.

“Waiting for Judgement: Rahab” Joshua 2:1-15 [Audio Unavailable]

God’s Story

The Bible is telling a very similar story to the stories we tell. Going further than just highlighting things that aren’t the way they seem they should be, it gives us context for why things are this way. And then it gives us hope for something better. This hope is not rooted in a future, self-authored solution - it's hope embedded into our original design. In this series, we explore how a deeper understanding of God's grand, true, and redemptive drama, gives life, hope, and meaning to our own stories.

“Restoration” Revelation 22:1-5 (November 25, 2018) [Audio Unavailable]

Ordinary Flourishing

The Table’s Vision is to be ‘the flourishing presence of Jesus in every sphere of life,’ but what does that actually mean? Whether church is old news or brand new to you, the good news of the Gospel has extraordinary implications for ordinary life. In this series, we explore the everyday “spheres of life” right under our noses that God ordinarily uses to flourish both us and our neighbors.

Visiting Preacher: Tim Sin

Tim Sin is the pastor of New Life Mission Church in Aurora, CO.

Summer of Psalms, Book One: Confrontation

The Psalms are the original hymnal for God’s people. It’s the most well-known book in the Old Testament, the most quoted book in the New Testament, and has served and encouraged the church from generation to generation, even (and especially) in the midst of the hardest times.

The Book of Psalms is actually divided into 5 sections, or “books”, and certain unifying themes are woven throughout each section. In this first of five planned summers in the Psalms, we’re exploring Book 1, and its theme of confrontation–how do we navigate knowing that God is our rescuer, when we sometimes struggle to experience that reality in the world around us?

Psalm 24 (July 22, 2018) [Audio Unavailable]

I AM: Who Jesus Says He Is

Passion Week 2018

Colossians :: Jesus Changes Everything

The Best Gift Ever :: Advent Songs

Part 2: "Gift" Luke 2:22-40 (Nunc Dimitis) [Audio Unavailable]

Part 1: "Joy" - Lk 1:39-56 (Magnificat) [Audio Unavailable]

Called Out :: The Story of Jonah

Made to Flourish :: Uncommon Grace for the Common Good

God has made human beings in such a way that we will really, truly, and fully flourish only when we flourish others. When we are "the flourishing presence of Jesus in every sphere of life," things change. Both we and our neighbors flourish. The Church grows and our neighbors are grateful for our presence - whether they believe or not!  God's church has unique and incredible contributions to make in this world that only we can offer. Not because we are particularly gifted, but because we are especially gifted - and that gift is Jesus Himself. That gift of grace transcends and is magnified by our every blemish, it is the impetus of our every love.  In Jesus, we risk nothing, want nothing, and lack nothing. What do you have to lose? Nothing. For more, see our blog post about the Made to Flourish series.

With :: An Ever-Present God in Every Inch of Life

The Psalms are a rich storehouse of 150 singable truths that give voice to every dimension of human experience: the mountain-top highs, the deepest of valley lows, and everywhere in between. Yet, in the midst of that beautiful diversity, there is a unifying theme woven into a rich tapestry from beginning to end...God with us. He is not merely aware, not merely available, He is THERE. With you. His sheer presence transforms our affections and upends our perspective. There is nothing, no inch of life, that is not altered for the better, no aspect of our reality that is not moved progressively closer to the way it ought to be. For more, see our blog post about the With series.

Epilogue | Intro :: God's Story Is Our Story

After His resurrection, Jesus shows his disciples that this is not the end of the story, but the re-beginning of the same true story God has been authoring since before time and cosmos began. It's not a man-made myth that resonates with our experience (though it does!), it's the redemptive history of humanity that transforms how we experience God, reality, and our part of the unwritten story to which we've been invited. In other words, this epilogue to the resurrection story is the introduction to our life's story. For more, see our blog post about the Epilogue | Intro series.

Cross + Crown :: The Gospel According to Mark

Advent Series

Advent is a season of both long-awaited anticipation and shocking arrival. Despite the hinting breadcrumbs sprinkled throughout history and scripture, no one could have called the arrival of God-as-man. Despite our familiar Christmas nostalgia, the Christmas season gives us the opportunity to see the birth of Jesus as the beginning, climax and culmination of our longing: God-with-us.

You Are What You Love // Values Sermon Series

Our hearts, out identities, our very selves are shaped by the trajectory of our love. To say we have "Core Values" doesn't only mean "we like these things," but also that these are the things that shape our hearts and inform our priorities as a community. In short, this is our "DNA" as a church. 

Disclaimer: The "Imago Dei" sermon audio quality is less than ideal due to some technical difficulties.

Mission // Vision Sermon Series

Summary: While easily the most ambiguous part of our Mission statement, the entire narrative of the Christian bible provides a vivid picture of how God's people (and all of humanity for that matter) are called to "Cultivate Beauty" as part of every day life. But how do we define beauty? How do we cultivate it? Answering those questions are almost as important as getting a sense of God's beauty and rediscovering imagination.

Summary: No one would say "Love People" is a bad idea (especially for a church!), but it is a deceptively challenging and powerful calling for a community. Jesus' conversation with a Samaritan Woman provides both an incredibly personal roadmap and a powerful catalyst for how we hope to "Love People" at The Table... as well as how we expect to depend on grace in the midst of failing to love well.

Summary: Who is God? How do we know Him? Our answers to those two questions define what kind of a church we hope to be, how we treat people, and are The Table's very foundation. The Parable of The Prodigal Son (or "The Tale of Two Sons") gives us a vivid and powerful image of how Jesus empowers us to be a "community where you don't have to believe in order to belong."