A church that exists for its own sake is not a church, but a club. Our foundation must be rooted in selfless love for our fellow man to such a degree that we are never fully able to achieve it, a "humble hypocrisy" if you will. Thus...

We exist to be the flourishing presence of Jesus in every sphere of life.

For a thorough explanation of what we mean by all that, click here.


So how do we do that in the day to day of this community? Our Mission anchors this extraordinary vision in ordinary life. Everything we do as a community falls under these three rhythms:

Know God

Though infinite & unfathomable, the Creator of the Universe has made Himself known through His written Word, invited us into Life with Him through the Holy Spirit, and made us His broken-but-beloved children through His Son, the Incarnate Word (Jesus). Yet to know God through Jesus is far more than merely knowing about Him. We find our greatest good and our truest selves by accepting His invitation to know and love Him in community.

Love People

The story of scripture is that of a Father relentlessly pursuing stubborn human beings who’ve given Him the middle finger (and then some). Knowing this, God rewires our hearts to beat for the good of those who we least like, understand, or identify with. Christ’s life, death and resurrection are a rally cry to model His unconditional grace by loving all people without preference and welcoming everyone without distinction.


Cultivate Beauty

God made this world and declared it “very good.” He then charged humanity with cultivating that raw goodness into something more. Sin scarred that goodness, but the call to cultivate beauty remains. Through art, science, design, parenting, plumbing, innovation, vocation, non-profits, friendships, community, family & every other facet of human flourishing, we seek to cultivate beauty in our love for God, for the life of our community.


Our Values "clothe" our vision in an ethos that concretely describes our church family, leadership, and heart for our broader community. They are (quite literally) what we care about more than anything else. They cause our pulse to quicken, make sacrifice a joy rather than a burden, and remind us of the infinitely-faceted way God loves us.


Every human being, regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation or creed, is made in the image of God. Every person has intrinsic dignity, value and worth that cannot be taken away or diminished by anyone (including ourselves). Thus, we work to see our fellow man with “Gospel eyes,” choosing to see them as Christ sees them (fellow broken reflections of His glory), which fundamentally changes how (and how much) we love all people.

God is the Divine Host who has called His people to “welcome one another as Christ has welcomed (us)” (Rom 15:7). This is far more than having people in our home for meals. It is a lifestyle of generous and selfless love for those who are most different from us. We worship a God who died for His enemies (us), and that reality redefines our priorities around the needs of others rather than our own.

Truth without Love is merely abuse. Love without Truth is merely neglect. In an age where polarizing, 140-character sound bites wage war over social & cable media, God’s people are called to speak truth in such a way that mirrors the heart of a God who is for our neighbor. This requires us to be humbled by our un-deservedness, confident in God’s loving faithfulness, & eagerly committed to listening to those who most disagree with us.

Ultimately, we aim for renewal & the restoration of justice, wholeness & peace between people, places & things. We are passionate about human flourishing in every sphere of life, which is the hoped-for net result of a church living out the vision to “savor and share the Life of Christ in every person, place and thing” through the unconditional love and grace of God.

It is the value from which all other values are derived & have meaning. The unconditional love of God, demonstrated & accomplished through Christ’s life, death & resurrection is the driving force for our love for God and our neighbor.

We believe...

Christianity is not a program, a plan, a philosophical position, or even a set of theological propositions. Ultimately, Christianity revolves around a person (Jesus). Thus, the following is neither a comprehensive statement nor a checklist that you have to agree with to be a part of our community, but a concise list of some of our core beliefs. 


At The Table, you do not have to believe
in order to belong.


We believe that God is both real and personal (not an impersonal force). That life, therefore, has meaning and purpose.

We believe that the world is not the way it’s supposed to be. That shame, loneliness, addiction, and every kind of pain begins in the heart and creeps outward, but that goodness and glory nevertheless surprise and delight us. We prefer the phrase “glorious ruin” to describe both ourselves and the world in which we live.

We believe that God spoke and is speaking, that God communicated consistently to his people throughout history, and that that communication is recorded in the literature we call the Bible.

We believe that God was and is encountered in Jesus of Nazareth. He is humanity’s champion. He faced evil in its fullest form for us on the cross. By letting it crush him, he broke its power. Now he brings hope that one day evil will be vanquished completely.

We believe in the reality and the power of grace. Though we are worse than we could possibly fathom, because of Jesus Christ, we are more loved than we could ever wrap our minds around. We call this the Gospel.

We believe that everyone is created in the image of God. No matter how messed up we are, there is something good and true and beautiful and valuable about everyone. This transcends race, socio-economic status, gender, sexual orientation and creed. Thus, everyone (without exception) deserves our respect and love, not because of who they are or what they do, but by sheer virtue of being human.

We believe that the Church is the heart of Christian community. The Church doesn’t save, but functions as our adoptive spiritual family and the primary and essential means by which we experience His grace through relationship.

We believe that God cares for our broader community. Together with other churches and organizations serving Boulder County, we want God to use us to love our community sacrificially, to revitalize its institutions, and to renew its neighborhoods and culture.

We believe that the Westminster Confession of Faith (1646), while an unavoidably flawed and imperfect document, is a reliable and helpful summary of biblical, historic Christian teachings subordinate to Scripture.

We believe that denominational affiliation, rather than being a source of division or exclusion, is a thoroughly biblical means of being tangibly connected to the global church, leveraging combined resources for the good of our community, and holding ourselves accountable to God’s Word. The Table is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America, a denomination committed to seeing the Gospel transform all of life from the inside-out. We are also a project of Redeemer City-to-City, a plant of the The Well Church in Boulder, and a member of the Acts 29 Church Planting Network.